Creating Critical Thinkers In A Society Of Test Takers

4 Minute Read

Not long ago, a Kindergarten teacher outlined the day that a typical kindergartener would have. She explained that her students spend about two and a half hours per day on math. The kids have twenty minutes of recess time, twenty minutes for lunch, and no nap. Then, they’re typically sent home with homework. “Tests are critical for the success of the district,” she said. “And children who come to kindergarten with out going to preschool first, are just unprepared.”

… Wow, that’s a lot to take in for a five-year-old.

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Executive Decision Rights…More Than Delegation

3 Minute Read

Bottlenecks. Every company has them. What we don’t think about is the cost of each and every one of them. But think about it…the time it takes to elevate decisions and get all of the information from those who know, communicate the response, and perhaps justify it, all while doing other responsibilities takes too long and can be costly. The cost is more than just time itself; it’s an increase in frustration and a decline of motivation.

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Calling All People with the Word “Manager” in their Title

2 Minute Read

A strong leader can communicate an exciting vision of the future. He can provide his team with something important and valuable to focus on. She can set the tone and morale of the entire team. We know that communication is the key to maintaining a healthy team environment. Both in listening and speaking, it is critical to the team’s productivity that everyone is involved and on the same page. Take a look at the six points below. We hope this serves as a reminder and a trigger to evaluate yourself.

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