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The Results: Chatterkick X Revela Remote Work And Flexibility Survey

Remote Work And Flexibility Survey Blog was Written and Published by Chatterkick

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Businesses are approaching the workplace differently, thanks COVID-19! We’ve literally had to change our mindset on the things that we’ve learned to utilize to get better as a business; technology, communication, operating systems, safe physical spaces, stable sales environments, and flexible work opportunities. Our approach to these topics are being as COVID-19 is forcing us to dig deep into our businesses. As Revela and Chatterkick collaborate on a series of the Generation Social Media Podcast episodes, we wanted to hear honest feedback on remote work and flexibility. We sent out a 5-minute survey on remote work and flexibility during COVID-19, and the results were fascinating.

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How to Make Sure Your Employee Survey is Effective

Updated April 2020
5 Minute Read

So, you’ve decided to conduct a company-wide employee survey. An admirable goal. One shared by many progressive organizations. But what now? Conducting an effective employee survey can be complicated. And if done incorrectly, it can potentially damage internal relationships.

How, then, can you avoid the pitfalls and conclude with meaningful results?

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