planning for the future

How To Create A Succession Plan

Updated March 2020
4 Minute Read

We have a critical question for you: Do you have someone to replace key employees if they suddenly left? Many companies have good intentions of developing people for key roles, but aren’t ready if a key employee left tomorrow. That creates a big problem.

When we have discussions with our partners, we’re often asked that magical question: How do we create a succession plan? And how do we do it effectively?

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Sitting on a Lily Pad

3 Minute Read

Imagine a swamp. Frogs are croaking, dragonflies are buzzing around. Turtles are surfacing just enough so you can see their little heads. Alligators are swimming around, waiting for their next prey. A lonely frog sits on a lily pad, observing all that is going on around him. It seems like a normal day, but to this tiny frog, it is chaos. Everything is always changing, and he is overwhelmed. He sees the alligator slowly swimming toward him with a look of hunger in his eyes. The frog knows he has to jump, but he isn’t ready. What if there’s something else in the water? Why can’t I stay safe, here on my lily pad?

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Caught Up in Your Own Business

2 Minute Read

It’s the end of the year. There’s so much going on. Finalizing budgets, planning for 2015, updating your forecasts, managing people. You’re busy doing. Busy, busy, busy.

That’s great – you’re getting stuff done. But it begs the question: With all these things happening, have you taken the time to demonstrate visionary leadership? Does your team really know where they are going? Have you articulated the direction – the vision – of where the company and team are headed?

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Continuous Improvement: The Key to Continuous Success

2 Minute Read

What you do today could very well be the thing that causes you to fail in the future. Whoa. We know…Take a moment. We’ll explain. As human beings, we want to be successful. It’s in our nature to have dreams, plans, and big ideas. It’s exciting. And those ideas cause us to push forward, to innovate, and to seek continuous improvement.

Once we reach a goal, we celebrate. And once we finally meet our standard of “successful,” we feel like we can finally breathe. We can finally slow down and cruise. But unlike a car, pumping the brakes in this context is like throwing it in reverse. And it could actually send us backward – to where we started, or worse, even farther back than that. It’s okay to enjoy your success. But it’s not okay to forget the very principles that made you successful in the first place. Ask yourself this: What made you successful?

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