power of choice

What the Heck?!

Let’s face it – on a daily basis, someone will do something you don’t like. Here’s your moment of truth. Whether it’s cutting you off in traffic, not replying to an email within your timeframe, or not following a specific process…it will happen. And when it does, what’s your first thought?

I know…It depends. I hate that response, though it may be true. Let’s talk about when someone cuts you off in traffic. Do you yell at the person? Shake your fist? Or something more drastic? Do you ever think, “What the heck?! Learn how to drive!”

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A Positive Attitude is Everything!

It’s one of those days! You woke up and your basement was flooded from last night’s storm. Your dog was so scared during the night, he pooped on the floor. Your new car has hail damage, and you still have to be at your staff meeting by 8:30 am. You’re probably thinking…Stay out of my way people. Today is NOT my day!

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