what not to do

10 Ways to Become a Horrible Communicator

Are things just going too smoothly? Does everyone seem to be in harmony and all on the same page? Here are a few ways to really rock the boat and make everyone hate communicating with you. Then you don’t have to be a communicator at all!

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10 Ways to Reduce Trust

Trust is overrated – we all know it. When we go to work, we’re there to work, not make friends. Who wants to sit around and sing Kumbuya? Who wants things to be all hunky dory? Your job is to make sure things get done – that’s it. So, here are ten ways to show your team that trust doesn’t mean anything to you.

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10 Ways to Become a Terrible Listener

Does everyone come to you for advice? People enjoy sharing their stories with you and think you’re a great person to be around. Tired of being everyone’s friend? Here are ten sure-fire ways to tick everyone off and make yourself a terrible listener.

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