Take a Break!

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We’ve all felt it. The stress. The burnout. The feeling of being overworked. Sometimes in your job, you get to that point where you are exhausted and ready to pull your hair out. At Revela, this time of year is crazy. Fall is usually about the time companies and employees are back into their routines and have returned from summer vacation. It’s also when many organizations start their planning and budgets for the upcoming year. For us, this means emails, calls, schedule updates, and prepping for programs and events. Along with the regular day-to-day operations of the business. Our task lists sometimes go on and on…

It’s almost absolute that we aren’t the only organization who is feeling the burnout. Maybe fall isn’t your busy time, but you probably still know the feeling of being stressed, spread too thin, and being focused on too many projects. Yes, of course, we are happy to be busy, because that means business is good…but it can still take a toll on you.

So what do you do? TAKE A BREAK!

Yes, you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have TIME for that!” Who has time for a break when it’s crunch time? So as a result, there are probably days when breaks are short or non-existent. But you might want to consider making time…here’s why:

A recent study by Science Daily® reported that people who give in to a distraction once per hour actually perform better than those individuals who don’t take breaks. After so long, your mind starts to go numb due to the constant stimulation; your creativity comes to a halt. Your energy depletes. Sometimes we need that short break from the continuous overload.

Here are a few ideas for breaks at work:

  • Take a walk. It could be around your office or plant. You could go outside for five minutes and walk up and down the sidewalk. Get some stimulation!
  • Stand up when someone calls you. That’s right. Take all your phone calls at your desk standing up. It’ll allow you to think more clearly and give you the extra movement that you need every hour.
  • Get some water. Or a snack. Does your company have a break room? Walk there, grab a water, and walk back. Simple as that.
  • Stretch. You don’t even have to leave your work area for this one. Pick your favorite stretches and do them right where you are…without looking at your computer, machine, or project you are working on.

These seem simple, but it’s amazing how many people overlook the importance of taking a break. Breaks have several benefits and can help us get back to work with renewed energy and a sense of purpose.

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"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes...even you."

~Anne Lamott