Trust Begins With You!

2 Minute Read

Many businesses today are beginning to understand the value of trust within their environment, and the impact it has on their culture. The impact of an environment of trust is based on our ability to believe in the honesty, integrity, and reliability of others.  To successfully support those beliefs, we must first begin with ourselves.

There seems to be a common undertone these days of, “If everyone were more like me, there wouldn’t be any problems.”  This mentality can drive personal and hidden agendas resulting in an overall reduction in productivity, morale, and satisfaction. It takes too much energy to maintain this stance and endure the consequence.

Simon Sinek once said, “A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.” So how do you make sure your team stays a team?

It all begins with you! 

  • Behave in an ethical way. Both personally and professionally. If you’re acting unethically, you’ll likely suspect others are doing the same. Then you’ll begin to justify your own behavior and the behaviors of others. It has to be a mindset.
  • Demonstrate competence. In everything you do. Show people you can produce results without extensive follow-up. Show them that you are worthy of being trusted.
  • Convey compassion. Empathy can go a long way in building relationships. Put the good of the whole above your own personal agenda.
  • Be consistent. If someone has to guess what the outcome will be when they approach you, they’ll likely choose not to. People should have an idea of what kind of response they’ll get from an interaction with you.
  • Stop keeping score. If you believe someone acted in an untrustworthy manner, find out why, and move on. You have to decide how to best work that that person in the future. You can use your energy to create a cycle of collusion. Or you can put that energy to good use by learning to grow and understand.

A common question people ask is, “Why should I have to be the one who gives in?” Here’s your answer: To build lasting trust within a team, a person must first begin by behaving in a trustworthy manner. Personal trustworthiness is the foundation, and in turn, you’ll influence others to reciprocate the cycle of trust. It’s like the old saying goes, “Monkey See. Monkey Do.” (Not that we think you’re a monkey.) Just think about how much you can get done in a setting where trust is the rule, and not the exception. Don’t just sit around and wait for it to happen. Trust begins with you.

If you recognize these things you may have a trust issue.