Communication & Trust

Do You Recognize These?
  • A lot of conversations behind closed doors.
  • Leaders make decisions that others could make.
  • Managers hold things up because they don’t trust others to do things right.
  • People use email to avoid difficult conversations.
  • Leaders have difficulty holding people accountable.
  • People get together after meetings to discuss things that should have been talked about in the meeting.
  • Employees don’t feel they have a voice in the organization.
  • Employees don’t trust some of the leaders of the company.


What If There Was Another Way?

High performing companies build a culture where people are asked for their opinion. Employees know how well the company is doing; both the good and the bad. Leaders of the company demonstrate honest communication that builds and develops people and hold employees to the same standard. Teams have honest difficult conversations and keep them healthy knowing the intentions of others is to make things better.

Being an employer of choice requires leaders to work purposefully, building open and honest communication that inspires trust.


There are many approaches to building a culture that is open and trusting. Contact us to discuss your unique situation.