Do You Recognize These?
  • Rapid company growth, causing the culture to weaken.
  • Change in leadership has shifted the culture.
  • Current culture is not attractive to new recruits.
  • Lack of collaboration between teams or team members.
  • There is drama between departments, divisions or locations.
  • Individuals talk about each other rather than work to make things better.
  • Leaders talk about the same issues repeatedly without resolution.
  • Leaders and employees struggle to support or trust each other.
  • People hold back on sharing ideas or helping other departments.
  • Morale issues, though not sure of the cause.
  • People don’t know or demonstrate the company values.
  • Employees don’t feel their voice is heard.
  • People are working toward good enough rather than continuous improvement.


What If There Was Another Way?

While no company is perfect, high performing organizations have a clear understanding of where they are going and everyone understands how they support the effort to get there.  People believe that their co-workers’ intentions are good and give them the benefit of the doubt even when things don’t go well.  Leaders address more than just the symptoms of problems, they collaborate with others to get to the root cause and take action with accountability to the rest of the team.  Employees are invited and encouraged to use their voice and to take action.  People are highly productive and still have fun!

Being an employer of choice or a preferred vendor requires senior leaders to work purposefully on the culture of their company.


There are many approaches to building engagement and enhancing the culture of your organization. And many times, we start with a simple survey. Contact us to discuss your unique situation.