Leadership Development

Do You Recognize These?
  • Leaders have difficulty holding people accountable and having difficult conversations.
  • Managers who are unaware of how their negative behavior affects others.
  • No one is prepared to move up into management.
  • Low retention or high turnover in areas of the company.
  • Leaders don’t demonstrate they believe in their people.
  • Leaders struggle to delegate decisions.
  • Managers don’t take time to build their team.
  • Individual contributors are/have been promoted to supervision without skills needed to manage others.
  • Employees don’t feel they have a voice in the organization.
  • People don’t know their goals or what is expected of them.
  • Managers spend more time working on tasks rather than leading their team.


What If There Was Another Way?

True leadership demonstrated by individual contributors as well as those in leadership roles to build bench strength and stability.  An effective leader creates clear expectations and coaches employees to be successful.  They build a culture where people are asked for their opinion.  Leaders believe in their employees; building confidence, skills and experience.  Respectful managers are able to have difficult conversations to help their employees learn rather than punish.  After all, it’s about getting results, not demotivating people.

Being an employer of choice requires leaders to work purposefully on the current and future talent needs of their company.


Revela has a variety of leadership development programs ranging from personal leadership for individual contributors to executive leadership programs for seasoned veterans.  Contact us to discuss your unique situation.

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