Succession Planning

Do You Recognize These?
  • No one is prepared to move up into management or other key positions.
  • We talk about needing to do succession planning, but all we’re doing is talking.
  • External hires are more common than promotions.
  • We hire the same talent to fill a position and don’t consider the skills/experience we need in the future.
  • Talented employees don’t have a clear career path.
  • People don’t know about growth opportunities within the company.
  • Managers spend more time on tasks versus delegating and career development.


What If There Was Another Way?

Whether you like it or not, people will retire or leave.  Having one or two people ready to fill key positions is a sign of a stable, high performing company.  In addition, high performing companies consider where they are going and the talent and experience needed to see the company into the future.  Employees have conversations with their leaders. They learn new skills and are given the opportunity to experience different roles.  This not only allows employees to increase their value, but helps them discover how best to use their strengths.

Being an employer of choice requires leaders to work purposefully on the current and future talent needs of their company.


There are many approaches to creating a system for succession planning.  Contact us to discuss your unique situation.


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