About Us

Revela (Rah-vel-a):

To reveal, make known, discover, divulge.

Revela is an experience. An exploration of untapped skills, hidden qualities that can be molded into a leadership style that engages
employees, creates excitement, garners respect, and leads to greater outcomes for your organization.

Who we are:

  • Passionate. Seeing your confidence grow through self-discovery and practice motivates us.
  • Authentic. We speak your language, offer real-life results, and never side-step or sugar coat the truth.
  • Partner-Centric. Revela is about you, building your confidence, seeing your results, watching you succeed.
  • Transparent. We believe in sharing our knowledge, hand delivering a wealth of information from years of experience in multiple industries.
  • Mentors. At the end of the day, this is about helping people recognize and transform their behaviors to foster greater success.
  • Empathetic. We see things through your eyes, realizing that every situation is unique and comes with certain, and unexpected, variables to deal with.
  • Facilitators. You have the skills, we just help you develop and shape them into a more comfortable, more successful situation.

Who we aren’t:

  • Flashy. We don’t do jargon or over-done presentations. We say what we mean and make it work in your world.
  • Lecturers. We won’t stand behind a lectern and tell you what to do.  We’ll give you information to react to, and help make it yours.
  • Academic. Our methods are founded in research and experience. They’re proven by real-life situations.
  • Too big. We work as a team and can take care of multiple locations…but we’re not global.
  • Magicians. Not everyone is in the right position. It may be better to change the scenario to better suit them, and we’ll help you discover and improve the situation.
  • Cookie-Cutter. We take a different approach than anyone else. We listen, help you see things from a different perspective, and guide you to lifelong success.

What we believe

We believe in the untapped human potential. That everyone has value. And that everyone deserves a chance at success. We take a different approach to development because we see things differently. The Revela team goes beyond the expected to help individuals discover their strengths, transform their weaknesses, and experience an even greater level of personal and professional growth.

We believe…

  • You have untapped potential.
  • You should be respected.
  • You want to do what’s right.
  • Your intentions are usually good, though your actions may not always show it.
  • You want to feel good about what you do.
  • You want to be acknowledged for what you do.
  • You want to do good work.
  • You want to be right.
  • You want to be included and have a voice.
  • You want to have experiences that you can learn from.
  • You want to grow.
  • You want to be proud of your company.
  • In you.

The Revela difference.

Revela’s approach is unlike any other. Whether your company is large or small, we work to get to know you. We value our clients – that’s why we call them partners. Here are some different ways we’ve helped companies just like yours!

Re-focus through our process.

 Revela believes that every member of your team wants to succeed. And through guided self-exploration, you can discover a more effective leadership style that enables you to communicate, delegate, and celebrate growth in inspiring ways. Our five step process starts you on the path to success.

  1. Diagnostic:

    You talk. We’ll listen. Share your vision, challenges, successes and needs. We’ll absorb your information. Ask insightful questions. And begin to develop a plan for meeting your goals.

  2. Options:

    We don’t believe in “one solution fits all.” Options give you the opportunity to help shape and take ownership in your exploration. Not only that, it will help all of us work around the schedules and processes of your organization.

  3. Planning and Focus:

    We would never lead you blindly. Once our plan is finalized, we help prepare your team for the program. That way everyone begins with a clear understanding of the purpose, the process, and the schedule.

  4. Discovery and Implementation:

    Let the exploration begin! Through reading, listening and discussing various elements of leadership, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on what it means to be a leader. How to guide others. Move your company forward. And gain confidence in your career path.

  5. Sustainability:

    You’ve got the tools, so now what? We’re firm believers in lifelong learning. So following the initial program, we will continue to meet…just not as often. Through check-in sessions, the Revela team can provide added guidance, insight or just a little extra support.



Do you have classes at your office?
Yes. Throughout the year we schedule classes at our office for our most requested supervisory, leadership and productivity programs. These classes are limited in size to enable everyone to participate.
Will you come to our office?
Yes. In most situations, the services we provide are at your location(s).
Do you take credit cards?
Yes. If you would like to pay by credit card, visit www.RevelaGroup.com/OnlinePayment.
How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 1989.
What experience do your facilitators have?
All of our facilitators have run divisions of a company or owned their own business. Because of their experience they have had to manage across multiple areas of a company, with responsibility for employees, budgets, systems and procedures, and outside inspections. All facilitators have a bachelor’s degree or advanced degree in business, management, or organizational behavior/psychology.
Will you travel to our other locations?
Yes. Many of our clients have multiple locations with sites in other states.
What assessments do you use/provide?
Our two most often used assessment vendors are Profiles International and Everything DiSC, both owned by WILEY. The two most requested assessments are the Profile XT (used for hiring purposes) and the DiSC Assessment (personality-based).
I’ve never worked with you before. How can I set up an assessment for someone?
If you would like to utilize any of our assessments, please call our office or click Let’s Get Started. You can also request an assessment online by visiting www.RevelaGroup.com/Assessments.
I’m interested in one of your classes. How do I sign up?
If you need more information, pricing, or schedules (for you or your team), please call our office or click Let’s Get Started. If you’re ready to sign up, just visit www.RevelaGroup.com/Register.